Our Services

  • Online Chat:

  • We offer a Chat service for your website. You can choose to manage your Chat yourself with a designated person or we can offer you our services and answer your visitors. This service insures you that your visitors will be answered fast in a proper English.
  • Walk-Out Calls, 24 Hours:

  • Our team will contact your potential customer 24 hours after his visit. Under a survey format, this call will assess your client’s true interest in your product and/or service.
  • Appointment Calls:

  • We will take care of all calls related to appointments, confirmations, meeting reminders, etc.
  • Lease Renewal Calls:

  • Following the termination of a lease, this type of call will let you know the client’s intentions as to their next lease. Our team will schedule an appointment, if necessary.
  • After Delivery Calls (CSI):

  • Our team will contact your customers after they benefited from one of your services or if they got a product delivered. This call (survey format) will assess their satisfaction regarding your company and all products and services offered.
  • After Service Calls (CSI):

  • Following a repair or any contact with your support department service, this call with offer insight into your client’s opinion of your company and his satisfaction level.
  • Special Events Calls:

  • We will contact your customers to notify them of any special events such as private sales, new models and business launches, etc. Our team will also urge them to make an appointment.
  • Personalized Surveys:

  • We will call your target audience and invite it to participate in a survey explicitly built with your explicit information needs.
  • Database Management:

  • Telnek gives you the tools to exploit your databases’ full potential; highlighting the profitable information contained in it.
  • Subcontracting Incoming and Outgoing Calls:

  • If you have a medium to large company, if you have a seasonal or a one-time need, our team will take care of all your incoming and outgoing calls. This service will decrease your fixed expenses such as your payroll, rental bills, fringe benefits, etc.





  • Furniture Industry
  • Automotive
  • Finance - Banking
  • Governmental
  • Real Estate
  • Hotel Industry
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Restaurant Industry
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Human ressources
  • Swimming pools
  • Insurance
  • And more !


What are the benefits of using Telnek?


Here are some of our advantages that make us an innovative leader:
  • Highly Qualified Staff;
  • Continuous Training of our Staff;
  • Advertisement Savings;
  • Unequaled Promotional Budget Management;
  • Competitive Advantages;
  • Increased Visibility;
  • Planned and Customized Campaign;
  • Product or Service Launch at Minimum Cost;
  • Access to your Customers Satisfaction Level;
  • Office Space Savings;
  • Salaries Savings;
  • Lowering of Expenses;
  • Secure and Accessible Database 24/24;
  • Standardization of your Existing Databases;
  • High-Tech Call Center;

Telnek offers an unparalleled team of experts and programming and analysis services tailored to your needs and customized to your wishes. We adapt all our system to your campaign and all your desired data. Whether it is to work with your existing system and database, we will build specifically for your company a highly efficient management system. Our team will work to meet your highest expectations. We offer tools accessible 24/24, 7 days a week, wherever you are.

Telnek is the solution to all your service, customer delivery, after-sales service, repair and database management problems. Telnek will provide you with maximum control over your sales and will offer you unparalleled return on your investments.

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