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About our company

Telnek the call center in Québec. We stand out from the croud by delivering quality work and by achieving the highest results.

Telnek is a specialized call center that targets precise customers predefined by our clients in order to collect specific data. Our services extend from customer satisfaction follow-ups, to appointments and new products and services advertisement calls and also include surveys and database management.

The idea behind offering a turnkey call service center stemmed from Mister Michel Riccio’s imagination in 2005. With his vast experience in telecommunication, marketing and training, mister Riccio realized the desperate need for professional follow-ups for all clients in all industries. With an array of unanswered questions, he started to wonder exactly why clients would go into a dealership, or any place of business, and not buy. Why, for example, 70% of car dealerships’ customers would end up not buying even after a visit?

Curious to find out the answers to all his questions, Mister Riccio decided to start his own specialized call center offering all businesses the opportunity to access their clients’ thinking and buying process. He then finally got what he was searching for, the answer to the old age question: how to satisfy my clients and increase my sales.

For the past 12 years, and with more than 450 satisfied customers, Telnek is known as an unparalleled leader with an impeccable reputation and unbeatable services. Telnek offers a team of experts, immeasurable results, a return on investments and technologies continually surpassing the expectations of all its customers. Doing business with Telnek; a sure value!


our staff

  • Telnek’s Founder and visionary, Michel Riccio, merged his unique life experience to his innate listening...

    Michel Riccio
  • Our Executive Director and Project Manager, Mélanie Boivin has worked for Telnek since 2005. She...

    Mélanie Boivin
  • Manon is Telnek’s Training and Hiring Manager since 2007. She is the company’s peacemaker and...

    Manon Paquette